How to choose your commercial fridge correctly?

Heating and cooling systems are essential inside restaurants, hotels, catering businesses, and even the health market, especially industrial fridges. 

Industrial fridges are machines created to keep a low temperature (generally between -25 °C to 6 °C), also commonly used to freeze. It depends on the brand, functions, and purpose of the fridge.

Generally, fridges are used to preserve foods or medicine that require low temperatures; for example, meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables can be damaged by bacteria or microorganisms that cannot attack at low temperatures.  

Basic parts of the commercial fridges

  • The compressor: It compresses the refrigerant gas and increases its temperature.
  • Condenser: It’s a pipeline system where the compressed gas frees the heat and converts the gas to a liquid.
  • Expansion system: This point is where it reduces the pressure and the temperature.
  • Evaporator: Since the refrigerator lowers the temperature, and the pressure goes to the condenser, this part is in charge of absorbing the container’s heat.  

Pieces of Advice before acquiring your fridge 

  • Count with a professional guide. You will have a complete analysis of your business and your necessities, and they will offer you the best option. In this analysis, the professional must consider the kind of product that will be on the fridge, the space you have available, and the appropriate range of temperature that the product needs.
  • Find quality, not low price. It Is easy to find fridges very cheap on the market, but in general, it does not have the best quality, and in the case of restaurants that need to conserve food, a fridge of good quality is very important to food safety. In the case of the businesses in Victoria state, they can apply to the VEU program and access free fridges with the quality they need.
  • A second-hand fridge is not the best option. As we said, the low price is not the only thing that matters, and it is not necessary to acquire a second-hand fridge if you apply to the program. 
  • Make sure that you have enough space for the fridge. With good air circulation, less energy consumption and a sizable helpful life of the fridge motor, it is also essential to place it in a space with easy access to do the periodic maintenance of the engine.


Choosing your fridge…

Think about the space and the size of the fridge

There is a large variety of fridge sizes; it is important to count on good space with air circulation and to know how much food you have to store and which kind of food it is. 

Find quality materials

A good fridge can resist intensive use; the most popular material is stainless steel. Stainless steel is a material that ensures the durability and hygiene of the machine since it is very resistant, avoids corrosion and oxidation, and resists extreme temperatures.

Energy consumption

Low energy consumption means more efficiency in the business, cost reductions, and an eco-friendly solution for any business that acquires the machine. The effective use of energy and the reduction of gases is a significant parts of the VEU program.  


Sometimes it is enough to have a fridge that keeps the temperature of the food, but it is crucial to consider that some food must be frozen to conserve it. 

It would be best to find a fridge with both functions or a refrigerator and a freezer. 

We recommend that you do an evaluation. If you need more space for frozen food, or it isn’t necessary to have a large fridge, and it is enough with a 2 in 1 fridge, here is where you need the analysis of professionals.  

Pieces of Advice after acquiring your fridge. 

  • Keep constantly cleaning the fridge, especially if you use it to conserve food. This is basic to food safety.
  • Do not place it stuck to the wall; all appliances with a motor need space to allow the condenser’s good functioning and breath.
  • Keep the doors closed; long terms with the doors open reduces the useful life of the motor, especially the commercial kitchen fridges, that in general, have more power. 
  • Call your provider if you need fridge repairs; call a professional to avoid worse damages. 

Contact us if you want a complete guide to acquiring your commercial fridges under the VEU program.