Commercial lighting renewal with IPromise

One of the most challenging renewals of businesses and large establishments that are part of the big industries is the segmentation of the spaces to machines. It means keeping a safety distance between one work point to another.

But there is an important decision to make for the safety of the employees and if the company wants to save money: changing the illumination and lighting based on LEDs. It’s very important to know how the use of LEDs in large shops or establishments works since it’s very common to use light over long durations.

In fact, you have to understand that the benefits of the LED upgrade in companies are not only concerning money and energy savings but can help with efficiency and practicality, things that conventional lights don’t offer to users.

Key points of the illumination lights to consider:

  • First, remember the effects of the light on us. Indeed, illumination can influence the concentration and productivity of people. Moreover, if the space doesn’t contain the right illumination, it can provoke workplace accidents or problems for workers in the long term.
  • To start with the selection of the perfect lights for the space, it’s important to know about the dimensions and functions of the lights inside the establishment. For example, if you need to install the lights in a cellar, or shed if your business is a GYM, sports centre, hospital entrance, or industrial establishment, the most convenient temperature is cold, so choosing white LEDs will stimulate the activity.
  • LEDs for big spaces or outdoor business lighting must be installed in a way that the illumination is homogeneous and without shadow. In addition to the safety and aesthetics of the place, it’s essential to take into account that lights don’t create rude illumination changes to protect the eyes of the people that will be in the area.
  • It’s important to verify that the LED installation is done correctly. The lights must be protected from humidity, dust, and irregular energy. To avoid any problems, it’s better to work with approved and certified professionals. 
  • In the case of LED installation for commercial lighting in big spaces, the technology fits perfectly with the environment and can resist temperature changes without losing the quality of the illumination and by offering a functional light.
  • Once the LED installation is complete, the work team must do an evaluation of the visual activities to ensure that the new lights don’t cause any headaches, fatigue, or eye stress. The professional has to design the optimal illumination to avoid inconveniences for the workers.

How much light do you need?

The minimum level of illumination in space is calculated by Luxes. One lux is equal to one lumen per square meter. Besides this, knowing the height where the LED will be installed is a detail that you can’t neglect.

There are some examples of places with the recommended luxes:

  • Deposits of big elements:  100 lux
  • Assembly factories: 300 lux to 700 lux and assembly of tools, 1500 to 3000 lux
  • Food deposits: 300 lux
  • Parking: 100 lux
  • Hotel halls: 100 lux
  • Surgery rooms in a hospital: 500 lux
  • Restaurants: 150 lux

If you still don’t know how to install LED commercial lighting in your large establishment, remember to access certified professionals with the possibility to realize this process for free thanks to the VEU program.

iPromise is one of the certified companies that work under the VEU program, with complete quality products and a certified team that will help you to improve the illumination of your spaces.