Become a environment friendly company with LED lighting

Currently, one of the most important values is the preoccupation with caring for and protecting our environment. Businesses must therefore take certain actions to reduce their waste as much as possible, and this also means changing and optimising their lighting. Indeed, switching to the installation of LEDs leads to considerable energy savings and consequently, a savings of money. We must not forget that the energy industry is one of the most polluting in the world and that there are many users.

Since our lives depend on energy, it’s very difficult and rare not to use it. In the case of large companies or industrial establishments, it’s mandatory to cover the place and the parts with the right light in order to reinforce the safety of the workers.

Currently, in Australia, you have a program called the Victorian Energy Upgrades program.  This program offers your business the possibility to upgrade the lights for free, thanks to specialised LED light installers. In fact, they will renovate all the illumination of your workplace to make it environmentally friendly.

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Benefits of LED lights for the environment protection

LED lights are 80% more efficient and durable than traditional illumination. In the case of LEDs, only 5% of the energy is wasted in heat, while the energy in traditional lights is 90% wasted in heat. 

With a LED of 18 watts, you can replace a traditional light of 36 watts. The light level will remain the same and in some cases will be improved, which means minor use of the lights. When you reduce the demand for electrical centres, as a consequence, greenhouse gas emissions decrease. 

Non-toxic materials

LED lights, besides having a compact style (depending on the model), don’t have toxic components. Oppositely, traditional or fluorescent lights have toxic chemicals such as mercury, lead, and tungsten. These elements cause hard damage to the environment.

The use of LEDs helps your business to save money and time. When you need to discard the traditional lights, you must execute a special process in order to avoid the hard affection to the environment. In general, LED lights are created with recyclable materials. It means you help to protect the environment from toxic waste by choosing it.

Long lifespan

A high-power LED can have a lifespan of 60.000 hours while a traditional light will have a lifespan of 1.300 hours. Indeed, LED can be used continuously for approximately 7 years without being replaced.

A longer lifespan means fewer carbon emissions and a better option for long-term use.


LEDs have an important characteristic: they don’t really produce important heat. As they transform energy into light, some heat can be detected. But, the heat is minimum! So if you touch it or are close to some flammable object, the incident risk is null.

Better light dispersion

Concerning the distribution of the light, the LED illumination is of much better quality. You can play with the opening angles of the different models and focus the light where you need it. That means that you will have a fully illuminated room, with fewer lights.

In addition to using fewer lights, companies reduce the resources in the fabrication, packaging, and transportation of LEDs.

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We know that the change in the illumination system could be expensive for some businesses, especially if it’s a big company. But that’s the reason why we work under the VEU program: to offer you a professional, certificated service and free LED light replacement. This business solution allows you to save money and be more eco-friendly, which is helping the planet.